Pet Screens

Pet Screen

PET SCREENS from Trademark Home Exteriors is a pet resistant insect screening. It is tear and puncture resistant to prevent any damages by dogs and cats. PET SCREEN is available with all of our Custom Screen Rooms, 3 Season Sunrooms,  Doors and Windows.

pet screen colors available in black and gray

Reviews by Pet Screen Owners:

Bob: Put simply, this screen does exactly what it says. Our cats love to climb the sliding door screen going after bugs and tore holes in it every summer. After replacing it twice, I needed a better solution. This stuff has been up for several years now and not one single tear. Got a dog a couple of months ago and he hasn't been able to make a mark in it either.

Stephen: This works well and has kept my cat from destroying the screen.

Devany H:  Love it! My dogs tore up the old screen with their nails...with this one my new puppy can't even chew through the screen!

Carl: Our 55lb dog goes nuts when he sees the mail carrier and rams into the screen, pawing sometimes. It is holding up great - no tears.

Rick Bekrich: After watching our Siberian Husky pup destroy both the original fabric screen and an aluminum replacement screen on our patio door, IT WORKS! Our 50# muscle girl can now stand and scratch to come in with only our nerves suffering damage.

A Pet Screen Room with a Great View!

Pet screen interior view

WHAT A GREAT VIEW! Pictured above is the PET SCREEN material used in an actual custom built screen room by Trademark Home Exteriors. As you can see, the robust Pet Screen does not ruin your view. The insects are out, the pets are in, the view is beautiful, the breeze is flowing and life is grand. Your perfect outdoor escape by Trademark Home Exteriors is now a reality for both you and your pets.