Tips To Make Sure Your Summer Is Pest Free

During this time of year, creepy crawlers and pests come out to the enjoy the sun too, and sometimes they invite their friends. At Trademark Home Exteriors we understand that nobody wants insects and rodents in their space. Now you can get ahead by following these steps that will help make your summer pest free!

Keep everything squeaky clean. Pests love to find a mess because this is where they are most comfortable. Make sure that you clean up the yard, and you’ll decrease your chances of them coming to the house. When you are on the patio, make sure that you don’t leave any food out. These are the things that attract the pests to begin with.

Standing water leads to pests because they love damp, moist areas; especially mosquitoes! If you have flower pots outside of your house, make sure to dump them often if they have collect any water. Insects will gather in areas like this, but it is surely avoidable.

Check all of your entry points; bugs are sneaky! Any little openings are large enough for a bug to get into. Make sure that you check all of your entry points and seal anything that could be a possible entrance. Don’t forget to check your screens as well; using mesh screens will help ensure that you don’t let the tiny pests in.

Set a trap! There are a ton of traps that you can buy, but there are also many traps that you can make yourself.