Are You Ready For Winter?

As the winter season approaches there are a few things that homeowners need to do before the temperature becomes too cold.

When starting preparations on your home it will help to turn one's focus towards their lawn. If there are any bald spots in your lawn be sure to add fresh grass seed and fertilizer to the areas of your yard that need to be rejuvenated. The vegetation in your yard may be essential but dying trees can cause problems for you and your home in the winter months so it is best to trim or remove any dead or dying branches and trees.

It will also help to inspect your roof for any damages, such as missing or damaged shingles, as water infiltrating your roof can be detrimental to the structural integrity of your roof.

You do not want to keep water going to outdoor spigots, TURN THE WATER OFF. Leftover water in pipes can freeze leading to burst in pipelines possibly causing damage to the interior or exterior of your home.

It will also help if you or a professional replaces old windows and old doors as these can lead to heat loss and an increase in your electricity bill. Replacing these older windows and doors can help you conserve energy and heat within the home.